Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Priorities are always a strange thing. Take this blog for example. I have a pair of finals to study for, so with that in mind I took the time to get this blog set up. In much the same way, I've historically made exceptional progress on side projects in the few days leading up to big due dates or exams. By no means do I neglect my work, but rather I find new things to pile on at times when conventional wisdom would say to consolidate and focus my energy. I think a lot of this is psychological, although I don't have any concrete evidence to support that. As I come close to finishing things, I believe there is a part of me that starts looking ahead for the next big challenge, and sometimes I'll jump the gun and dive into the new things a few days earlier than would be prudent. It probably stems from a desire to always have something fun and exciting to do, so once I'm reaching an end of one thing, I'll start searching out the next idea. Top ideas going forward?

1. Dive back in on my RepRap and get the extruder up and running again
2. Build a dremel powered lathe
3. Build a dremel powered mill (maybe just add dremel attachment to RepRap)
4. Gather a bunch of spare parts for a set of weekend tinkering days next semester
5. Trust me, there will be plenty more

That should be a good list of the things I'll be playing with over break. Photos may go up here, or I may host those on my Google sites account, so we'll just have to see. Now, in all seriousness, I do need to get back to studying. Once 4:30 comes around tomorrow, then I'll be free to tackle these new projects


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