Friday, April 15, 2011

Mountain Education Snow Course Day 1

Today was an excellent day of training courtesy of Mountain Ned and his three day snow course. There are seven of us students, including Sourdough, Don Johnson, Dan and Phil. Its a really nice group and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the weekend. We did some basic navigation training today and got the hng of walking with snowshoes over all kinds of terrain. Sourdough' got a great pic of me one time when I went sown in a traverse of a hillside. Tomorrow will be more navigation work as well as avalanche SAR. Sunday we get to do ice axe training which should be a real blast. Absolutely gorgeous views out here and I can see Echo Lake out of the foot of ny tent. Crazy to think there's enough snow on it that we walked straight across ir no problem.The neatest thing will be getting back here in 2.5 months and seeing how different it is. I'll have to try to get pictures from the same spots on my thru hike. Well, that's about if for now, all that snowshoeing has me beat and I'm ready to pass out. G'night all!

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