Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 8 (5/25) On the Trail Again

After the day off, it was good to be back on the trail. I'm now a full day behind my original schedule, but I'm not too concerned yet. I think the real key now is to stay healthy and ramp up the miles, so whether I'm exactly on schedule is less important. Around week three I'll start worrying more about my timing and how close I am to my target pace and location.

Today was pretty near as it started out behind a famous old church where the local indians and the government negotiated a deal to set up the reservation next door. From there it was out into the woods, which once again seemed out of place in southern California. The trail crossed agua caliente creek at least a dozen times before finally climbing into the hills. And oh, what climbing. Over the day I gained over 2,000 ft while crossing essentially all of that range. One highlight of the day was catching up with Malto, who had left Warner around 5, two full hours before me. Add to the fact that he is a faster hiker and I didn't expect to be seeing him again. Well, he spotted me coming around the trail, so he hid in the bushes and made growling noises as I came close. Yeah, he got me...

Turns pout he had just spent the last few hours relaxing at trail angel Mike Herrara's house, where Mike wasn't in but three house sitters were. Malto warned me of the odd dynamic between the group before he took off and I went for water and rest. The threw people there were really quite interesting. Mario was the 60 year old Hispanic house sitter, and he was joined by two friends of Mike's from Florida, Alex, and a woman who's name escapes me. The two from Florida didn't get along with Mario at all, yet he was the one in charge. I got to witness one of the strangest arguments I have ever seen in person where neither side uses solid logic or reasoning, and instead they resort to insults. I stuck around for awhile, but tiring if their banter, decided to head out. On the way back up the road I ran into Alex from Warner, and have him the low down on the group in the house. He was excited to check out the fun. Sadly Travis hadn't made it with him, as his knee was still hurting and he was headed in to San Diego to get it checked out for tendonitis. Poor guy, I hope he can get back on the trail soon.

I knocked out another few miles for the evening and retired by 8:00 to my sleeping bag. 22 miles today, and man, I'm beat. Tomorrow is the famous Paradise Cafe, and a delicious burger. Plenty of incentive tho get up early!

Miles today: 22.1
Trip mileage: 131.5

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