Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 24 (6/10) Escaping the Vortex!

So the plan today was to get out early and do a normal mileage day. Noah had skipped the Saufley's because he is bring supported by his Mom this week, so I had a few miles to do in order to catch him. Well, that plan fell apart last night somewhere around 10 when I stayed up another three hours. I woke around 8 and one guy from my tent was already on the road. Kudos to you Dan, I was impressed. Phil was planning to leave by 10, and he finally got out closer to 11, and I *should've* just gone with him. Instead I decided to grab lunch with a fun group of people who had dubbed themselves the Leisure Crew. Caddieshack, Pinky, Backyard Boogie, Hannah Montana (a guy) and Fair Lady were determined to enjoy the trail and not to focus in the big miles. That should've been warning enough. But they were a fun group to hang our with, and we went downtown for burgers at the cafe.

As if I hadn't spent enough time already, I decided I needed a haircut. I had sized my hat back when I had short hair, and as it grew out the hat became tighter and breathed less. Of course, it gets cold at night out here, so I didn't want to get rid if all my hair. I settled on a mohawk, which happened to be the haircut Tryne  was giving to Stickman and Caddieshack. Well, by the time they got to mine, there was a full system worked out, where No Pain took down the sides and Tryne shaved the actual mohawk. It was definitely a little scary having two razors going ay once around my head, but in the end it turned out really well and the guys got some good action shots too. Well, after this I still hadn't packed up, so I got to work on that pronto. I had the joyous occasion of opening my new poles from home, and shipping the bent ones back to be returned to REI. The cool thing is that the Saufley's have a post office pickup right at their house, so all I had to do was go online and prepay and print the label. What a system.

I was also woefully behind on journaling (and still am...) so I used the computer to quickly write three entries. So much easier than writing in my phone, plus the computer has spellcheck, so no weird typos. As I was working on journals, someone put on the class of 2010 PCT video compilation, so of course I had to stick around to see that. And as I looked outside, there was No Pain grilling up some chicken for dinner. Well I couldn't miss free food, so I pledged to get out right after that.

During that delicious meal, who rolls in but Toby (now Toby-won) and Sprinkles! We spent some time catching up before I said my goodbyes abs finally made it to the front to thank the Saufley's and get my photo taken. At 6:00 I rolled out of the front gate, once again with the Leisure Crew, and we walked the mile back to the trail. The alure of one more grocery stop was too much through, do I got an ice cream cone for the road.

After all that, we only made about four miles before reaching the last campsites for quite awhile. I bit the bullet and called it a night. Well, it was a minor success to get out of there at all, but frankly that was an extra unplanned rest day, and while enjoyable, I need to start putting in some big days to make up for this one.

Miles Today: 4
Trip Mileage: 458

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