Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 31 (6/17) The Race to the Sierras

This morning I woke up early at 5:30 and started getting ready. I started up by getting my pack together for a bit, then went downstairs for breakfast with my Dad again. We spent about an hour down there, then came back up to the room to finish packing. I had a major unfortunate realization that the boots were going to be a huge headache. Because of the heat, I couldn’t wear them much during this section, so I’d have to pack them, and they were a massive 8 pound load. Additionally, I happened to slip them on my feet, and my toes instantly felt squished. Not good. I’d blown out the sides of my trail runners a week or more ago, and my feet had spread out to fill that extra space. Now, although I’d broken in the boots before leaving, my feet had changed and didn’t fit right anymore. This caused me some major consternation, and fortunately my dad helped me snap out of it fairly quickly. We loaded everything up, and I tossed the full pack into the trunk. By 9:30 I was back on the trail, and after a few photos I was on my way again.

Looking down in the dirt, I noticed the tracks of Positive ID. I guess he had passed me while I took the day off yesterday. A mile up there was a trail register, and I looked a few days back to find where Noah had signed in. He was two days ahead, and had left a note telling me to catch up quick to go through the Sierras together. Well, with the two of those guys ahead, it would be a 150 mile race to Kennedy Meadows. Count me in. With the late start and my still recovering muscles, I knew today wouldn’t be a huge day, but I did want to see how things would feel if I pushed a little bit. I made great time, and by dinner I’d made 17 miles. I added three more that evening, and ended up with a nice 20 to show for my work. I wish I could’ve gone a bit further as I was sleeping near windmills and their gentle whoosh was heard all through the night.

Miles Today: 20
Trip, Mileage: 585

Photo: Orange flower that I found along the trail

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