Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 59 (7/15) A Leisurely Return

Today was my big day - back on the trail! I wanted to do about 5 miles so I wanted to stay later in the day to prevent myself from pushing too hard. Tom cooked up sausage and eggs for breakfast, so that was a grad way to start things off. After that o helped him start breaking down camp as he was returning home this afternoon. In terms of this injury I couldn't have asked for better timing. Around 9am we had taken care of most everything, so we took off down to town to pick up Java and the Leisure Crew at 10:00 as we arranged yesterday.

We were a bit early, but before long Java came around and said he would be taking a day off for his eyes because they were irritated and he couldn't wear his contacts. Then we found out that Backyard Boogie decided to go home due to a series of problems. We're all sad to side him go because he's a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. That left four people, all in various stages of getting ready. Caddyshack just got his boxes this morning and was taking care of getting  new shoes ordered. Pullin' 'Em had to wait for her box to be checked in at the PO before she could get it, so she was delayed by that. Pinky and Hannah Montana were both sorting through food and packing their bear canisters. As the for people sorted through their boxes and tossed items they didn't want or need (mostly extra food), Java, Tom, and I looked on and claimed anything that looked good. I'm pretty sure Java will eat for a week on the food he grabbed. The rest of the discarded stuff was placed in a hiker box at the motel - a box of extra stuff from hikers that anyone can claim.

When everyone had packed up we piled into the bed of Tom's pickup and went back up the hill. At the campsite Tom cooked the rest phd the ground beef and chorizo and  we all had lunch burritos. After milling around a bit longer, we hosted our packs, cinched the straps, and were on our way. It was probably just after 3 when we left and no one was especially interested in making it a big day. We climbed to the first lake, then the second, where we were tempted to make camp despite having only come 2.5 miles. A half mile later at Flower Lake we dis decide to make camp. I didn't minds as it was a good start and wouldn't  stress my leg much at all. This may ve the earliest stop I've ever had on trail so far, and it does feel nice to relax while the sim is still up. For dinner I had Mac n Cheese, then after chatting for awhile, we all turned in for an early evening.

Miles Today: 3 (side trail)
Trip Mileage: 789

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